April Board Meeting Highlights

Highlights from the April 2004 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows: The Board...

Highlights from the April 2004 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows:


Dennis B. Sprung, President/CEO
John J. Lyons, Chief Operating Officer
James P. Crowley, Executive Secretary
James T. Stevens, Chief Financial Officer

  • The Board re-elected the AKC Executive Officers as follows:

  • The Glen of Imaal Terrier was approved for AKC registration as of July 1, 2004 and for competition in the Terrier Group as of October 1, 2004.  
  • Numerous amendments to the Obedience Regulations were adopted as recommended by the Obedience Advisory Committee and endorsed by the Delegate Obedience Clubs Committee. They are all listed in the minutes of the April 2004 meeting.
  • The Board approved requirements for a National German Shorthaired Pointer Amateur Gun Dog Championship. These requirements are to be included as Chapter 14, Section 11 of the Pointing Breed Field Trial Rules, and will be read at the June 2004 Delegates meeting and voted in September 2004.
  • The AKC stud book for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is to be open for dogs in the stud book maintained by the Parent Club, effective June 1, 2004.
  • The following Delegates were approved: Dr. Sheldon B. Adler to represent the Ashtabula Kennel Club; Ms. Lynn Brady to represent the Kuvasz Club of America; James Efron to represent the Nashville Kennel Club, Inc.; William C. Harris to represent the Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.; Maj. James D. Holloway to represent the First Company Governor's Foot Guard Athletic Association; Ms. Catherine H. Murch to represent the Newton Kennel Club; Ms. Nancy Savage to represent the Welsh Terrier Club of America, Inc.; Ms. Luane V. Williams to represent the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States