AKC Pet Healthcare Plan Now Available in Florida

The increasingly popular AKC Pet Healthcare Plan is now available in Florida. This brings the...

The increasingly popular AKC Pet Healthcare Plan is now available in Florida. This brings the number of states to 50 where AKC registrants may apply for health insurance protection for their dog.

Wonderful progress in animal science and technology allows veterinarians nowadays to treat sick or injured dogs with more and more success, but often at surprisingly high costs.  Many owners are naturally concerned about how they might pay for unexpected accidents and illnesses. The AKC recognized this with the launch in 2003 of the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan, provided by PetPartners, Inc.

Thousands of AKC registrants across the nation are already applying every month for the peace-of-mind afforded by this plan, and many of those are benefiting from the plan's coverage.

Claims recently paid under the program include the following cases:

  • Bee stings from a swarm - $2,200

  • Toxic toadstools - $ 2,600

  • Ruptured discs - $3,500

  • Torn knee ligament (ACL) - $2,600

  • Cancer treatment - $5,000


With healthcare options starting as low as 68¢ per day, benefits include:

  • Accident and injury coverage from Day 1 until end of term

  • Illness coverage from Day 31 until end of term (waived if you continue coverage with us)

  • Veterinary treatment, diagnostic and laboratory tests, including X-rays, MRIs and CT scans

  • Cancer treatment

  • Medications prescribed for covered injuries and illnesses

  • Under the Wellness plans - shots, annual check-ups, annual dental cleaning, parasite control, spay/neuter and more.

  • Monthly and annual payment options


All plans reimburse the customer directly for covered treatment arranged with their veterinarian of choice.

For a free, no-obligation quote, visit www.akcphp.com or call toll free at 1.866.725.2747.

The AKC Pet Healthcare Plan is available to US residents and underwritten by National Specialty Insurance Company.