5 Messy Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed or drool, these dog breeds may not be for you....

If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed or drool, these dog breeds may not be for you. But for owners who don’t mind a little slobber, these canine companions can provide a lifetime of love.


Dogue de Bordeaux

A powerful and muscular French breed, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a molossoid (mastiff-type dog), "dogue" meaning Mastiff in French. A massive head and stocky body are trademarks of the breed. Americans became aware of the Dogue de Bordeaux when he appeared as drooling, messy "Hooch" in the 1989 Tom Hanks' film, Turner and Hooch.

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The Mastiff is a powerful yet gentle dog, one of the heaviest-boned breeds out there. Although they require minimal grooming, owners may experience a lot of drooling!

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The Newfoundland is an active dog and will need daily exercise. Regular brushing is important to maintain his plush coat and owners may need a wipe for the drool.

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Old English Sheepdog

The massive coat and potential matting can be a lot to manage for the average dog owner. Some owners keep them shaved down so the coat is a more manageable length.

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Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano has a wiry, dense coat and thick skin that enables him to negotiate underbrush and endure cold when hunting. As an active, energetic dog, the Spinone loves to romp in the field. Owners beware, however - after a drink, their wet and messy beard may leave trail of water wherever they go!

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