2005 Skarda Award

Mr. Edd Bivin presented the 10th annual Skarda Award on Saturday evening February 12th at the...

Mr. Edd Bivin presented the 10th annual Skarda Award on Saturday evening February 12th at the annual Pedigree Awards Banquet. This year’s award goes to Mrs. Barbara Ridder Irwin of New Vernon, NJ.

Mrs. Irwin has been deeply involved in dogs and horses since the age of ten both in the United States and in Ireland. She has shown both Collies and Papillons in conformation and obedience in both Canada and the USA. Her dogs were shown in conformation for the most part by ex-handler Richard Bauer. She is most proud of obtaining an OTCH with one of her Papillons, “Butter”, who was the first American Champion bitch in the United States of attain the title of obedience trial champion, or OTCH. Mrs. Irwin was equally proud of the Collies who carried the Brightwood kennel name.

Barbara Irwin was deeply involved with local obedience and agility clubs and enthusiasts. She remodeled an old abandoned stable making it a training building available for many groups. She also had an agility course laid out on the acreage behind her home. Her contributions to St. Huberts of Giralda were numerous. When the Morris County sheriff’s dogs needed a building, Mrs. Irwin was quick to lead the campaign to build it. Without ever being asked, she contributed money to make things happen.

Barbara Irwin is an outstanding example of the kind of person that the Skarda Award honors: any man, woman, child or dog who gives of themselves and in so doing makes the Dog World better for the giving. The Skarda Award Committee congratulates Barbara Ridder Irwin, the 2005 recipient of the Skarda Award.

The Skarda Award Committee also wishes to thank Pedigree for providing the venue for the presentation of the Award since its inception.