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Diane Albers Memorial Disaster Relief Award
Nominate an individual or club for the "Albers Award."

Disaster Preparedness for Clubs
Create a club disaster plan to fulfill AKC eligibility requirements to hold a show.

Never has the phrase "Be Prepared" been more relevant than it is today. Your pets depend entirely on you, so PREPARE.

Press Release: AKC Disaster Preparedness Survey
AKC Survey Finds Majority of Owners Would Defy Emergency Orders and Stay With Pets

AKC Reunite Canine Support and Relief Fund
Learn more about this charitable fund for animal victims of natural or civic disasters.

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AKC Recommends:

1. Are You Prepared? - Creating an evacuation plan that accounts for your dog

2. Keeping a portable pet disaster kit stocked with food, water, vaccination records, AKC Registration papers and medicines

3. Permanently identify your pet through microchipping or tattoo and enrolling him in a 24 hr recovery service such as AKC Reunite