About the Sculptor


The DOGNY dog was sculpted by world renowned artist Robert Braun. Braun brings a mix of his personal commitment and passion for wildlife to his masterfully sculpted works of art. His dedication is evident in each piece he creates, whether it be a small sculpture for private collectors or a large commission for a museum.

Robert Braun studied art history and sculpting at the University of Di Breira, Milan, Italy. He then received his masters degree at The London International Film School where he studied live action and animation. Over the past twenty years Mr. Braun has created animation, FX's, and artwork for books, museums and the film industry. He specializes in robotics and sculpting. His extensive resume includes work for CBS, ABC, RCA, Island Records, Warner Brothers, Figi Films, Shell, Texaco and the National Organization for Animal Welfare in Canada.

Mr. Braun's sculptures are in numerous private collections as well as The Museum of Scotland, The British Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of Science Taiwan. His works range from full-scale, life-size robotic dinosaurs to accurate re-creations of recently discovered prehistoric creatures. His mastery of anatomy has brought him to light with some of today's most accomplished sculptors.