About the Foundry


The Meisner Gallery has served the fine art community for over twenty years in sculpture and print publishing, worldwide sculpture distribution, and advanced acrylic casting. The Meisner facility is housed along with one of the most respected art casting foundries, utilized by artists from around the world. The Bronze Foundry, Elliot Gantz & Company Inc. (formally Joel Meisner & Co.), is world-renowned for its quality bronze work, which can bee seen in both private and public collections around the world.

The foundry is best known for its bronze casting of Frederic Hart's sculpture, "Three Servicemen" (also referred to as "Three Fighting Men" or "Three Infantrymen") for The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

Meisner maintains a large gallery and showroom that was featured on the April 1997 cover of Art World News. This public gallery allows art enthusiasts to view works by established artists, as well as works by new and emerging artists associated with the casting facility. The Gallery, located in Farmingdale Long Island, has been a springboard for many aspiring artists over the past 30 years, including such names as: Robert Braun, Michael Wilkinson, Isadore Margulies, Ward Elicker, Alice Riordan and Vetsksteyn.

For more information, contact Mitchell Meisner at 631-249-0680. You may visit The Meisner Gallery at 115 Schmitt Boulevard in Farmingdale, NY 11735 or on the web at www.meisnerart.com.