Facility Criteria

  • Kennel must be neat and clean – free of dirt, fecal accumulation, odors and parasite infestation.
  • Good ventilation and proper temperatures must be maintained within healthful comfortable limits for the dogs.
  • Fencing must be sturdy and well maintained – being of substantial strength and height to safely secure dogs.
  • Exercise areas must provide adequate shelter from wind, rain, snow and direct sunlight.
  • There must be functioning fire extinguishers and working smoke alarms in place.
  • Individual containers filled with clean drinking water must be available to each dog.
  • The inside and outside facilities must be of proper size to accommodate the breeds and number of dogs cared for by the handler. Crates used to transport dogs to shows and portable exercise pens DO NOT constitute an acceptable kennel facility. It is unacceptable to maintain dogs in crates in a travel vehicle while at home.
  • Facility must be in compliance with any local or state regulations.

Size Recommendations for facilities:

(L X W X H)
(L X W X H)
Very Small - under 15 lbs. 
I.E. - Toys
22" x 18" x 18"
10' x 2' x **
Small Dogs - 15 to 35 lbs. 
I.E. - Terriers, Cockers
30" x 24" x 36"
10'- 20' x 3'x **
Medium Dogs - 35 to 60 lbs.
I.E. - Dalmatians,Springers
48" x 48" x 36"
15' - 25' x 4' x **
Large Dogs - 60 to 100 lbs. 
I.E. - Goldens, Shepherds
60" x 60" x 48"
30' x 5' x **
Extra Large Dogs - 100+ lbs. 
I.E. - Danes, Saints, Wolfhounds
72" x 72" 60"
40' x 6' x **

**The height of the inside/outside fencing will be dependent upon the breeds that are using the areas and whether the tops are covered.

The width of the pens inside and out will also be dependent on the breeds being housed as long tailed breeds need wider areas to keep from knocking their tails on enclosures. There must be at least one fenced in exercise area that is totally secure – top, bottom, and sides to prevent escape.