Walter Bebout Memorial Awards

Walter Bebout Memorial Award for Excellence in Canine Legislation Award Honorees

The AKC Government Relations Department grants this award to recognize outstanding efforts by AKC federations, AKC clubs, and dog breeder/owner groups in advocating on behalf of responsible dog ownership and the rights of dog owners and breeders in the public policy arena.

Honorees receive a certificate of recognition and their organizations receive a contribution of $1,000 to assist in ongoing legislative efforts in their states or communities.

2012 Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners

2011 Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs
  Dr. Al Stinson and the Michigan Association for Pure Bred Dogs
  Georgia Canine Coalition

2010 Hillsborough County Florida Dog Fanciers
  Karen Strange, Missouri Federation of Animal Owners
  North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs