PowerPoint Presentations


The following is a series of PowerPoint presentations recorded by AKC Government Relations staff to help educate on some of the key issues and topics within canine legislation. Be sure to check back to see what other informative presentations we have added. Please feel free to save these presentations to your hard drive or DVD/CD-RW to play for an audience.

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  • AKC Canine Legislation 101
    This presentation provides a "Canine Legislation 101" course for those who are new to the world of canine legislation, need a refresher course on the basics, or are looking for fresh, new ideas on how to get involved. Topics discussed include summaries of some of the most common canine legislative issues, a basic summary of the political process, and numerous ideas on how to be effective advocates. We also provide an overview of the numerous resources that AKC GR offers to help you better communicate with your fellow dog owners, neighbors, and lawmakers.
  • Advocacy 101
    This presentation provides the basic tools for effective participation in the political process. Topics include proactive actions that breeders, club members and dog owners can take as well as the steps to take once a proposal has been introduced. The presentation also covers the resources and assistance AKC Government Relations can provide to help communicate with lawmakers about canine legislation.
  • Why Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn't Work
    This presentation provides an overview of breed-specific legislation, the inherent problems with these laws, and specific anecdotes of cases where it has proved ineffective. It also mentions allies in the fight against BSL and provides suggestions for more positive solutions.