Organizing a State Federation of Dog Clubs


Today, dog owners and breeders are being challenged as never before by the introduction of legislation that could change our way of life. The AKC Government Relations (GR) Department is committed to fighting unreasonable canine legislation wherever it occurs, but our assistance cannot take the place of your involvement in dog issues at the local and state level. The GR Department works with its state federations of dog clubs and provides back up to fight bad dog laws and support positive measures that teach the public about responsible dog ownership and care. As constituents, state federations and their members have a powerful voice in addressing legislation that will directly impact them. Federations are the ground soldiers in the state-level battles on topics such as unfair breeder regulations, limit laws, breed-specific legislation and mandatory spay-neuter laws. When united, the voice of responsible dog owners can be a powerful political tool.

If your state doesn't have an AKC federation, please consider organizing one. It's easy to do. Here are some resources to learn more.

Sample Constitutions and By-laws

Sample Newsletters