What’s New from AKC Government Relations

Think back a moment. How did you first get involved in dogs? For most people, dog ownership began with a beloved pet. Dog shows and trials, club memberships, breeding and other dog-related activities came later. But first came that fuzzy pup or adult dog—the one that awakened a deep love for dogs that has endured. 

This love of dogs is celebrated each September at AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days held across the United States. Members of AKC clubs, experienced dog owners, trainers, and breeders volunteer their time to share information about dog care and to invite others to join in the fun and excitement of AKC dog events. To help increase this educational outreach, AKC GR now offers a Spanish language flyer on responsible dog ownership.

Not only do AKC events offer wonderful bonding experiences for dogs and their owners, these events also make significant economic contributions in the host communities. Updated data on spending by AKC event participants is summarized in a new downloadable one-page flyer.

The AKC strongly believes that the acquisition of a pet should be a commitment by an owner for the dog’s lifetime. In accordance with this belief, the AKC Board of Directors has updated its Canine Legislation Position Statement on Protection for Puppy Purchasers to support a ban on certain predatory pet leasing arrangements that may allow a financial company to avoid regulatory oversight and consumer protection laws that protect dogs and dog owners.