What's New from AKC Government Relations

As year’s end approaches, the AKC Government Relations team needs your help. And we need your donations. (Might as well put that right up front!)

In the help department, we’re seeking your input regarding federal and state AKC Legislator of the Year awards. The AKC selects recipients from among the nominations received from you—individuals, clubs and federations—and we provide a framed rosette for you to present to the honoree. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to re-connect with dog-friendly legislators and let them know how much you appreciate their support. Please let us know if there are elected officials from your state who deserve this award.

We need good communicators, too. Does your AKC club have an active Legislative Liaison who effectively passes along information about dog-related legislation that impacts club members?  AKC Legislative Liaisons (LLs) serve as the primary intermediary between their club, their community, and the AKC GR department. They are appointed by their club and they keep an eye out for proposed rules or ordinances in their community that could impact dog owners and dog ownership.

AKC GR can assist LLs—and their communities—in a wide variety of ways, including: analyzing legislation, advising on strategy, getting involved in the political process and taking action on pending proposals, or offering alternatives or new proposals. Legislative Liaisons receive email information from the AKC Government Relations Department and disseminate it to club members in a timely manner. Every AKC club should have a Legislative Liaison. Does yours? Click here to learn more about the important role of Legislative Liaison and make sure your club’s LL is a superstar with a good email “forward” key.

We need your stories. Tell us about your educational and advocacy efforts, successes, and what you learned along the way. Sharing your stories provides insight and encouragement for others fighting similar battles in their communities. Need inspiration?  Read how advocates with the California Federation of Dog Clubs are educating lawmakers about the inherent problems with mandatory spay/neuter laws and are working toward better solutions.

We need your support. In this month’s Taking Command, we explain the difference between the AKC Canine Legislative Support Fund (CLSF) and the AKC Political Action Committee (AKC PAC) and answer two frequent questions: “Why are there Two Ways to Protect Our Rights?” and “Wouldn’t a single fundraiser be simpler and easier?” We also provide an overview of how donations to the AKC Canine Legislative Support Fund (CLSF) are used to help AKC expand the scope of influence of the Government Relations team and of purebred dog breeders, owners, and clubs.

A new shipment of “AKC” ($8) and “I Own a Dog and I Vote” ($10) magnets are now available. Donations received for these magnets support the CLSF. To get your magnets, please contact doglaw@akc.org or visit the AKC Booth at a show near you.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing advocacy and support.