Let Lawmakers Know Your AKC Club is a Resource!

Your AKC club does all kinds of wonderful things—offering CGC testing, donating money for community  K-9 programs, participating in local events, and hosting dog shows that generate revenue for your community, just to name a few. The AKC knows and appreciates the positive impact clubs have in their communities, but have you told your elected officials?

Legislation (and sometimes problematic legislation) often results when lawmakers are approached by activist groups or citizens regarding a real or perceived problem. That’s why it’s important for you and other members of AKC clubs to reach out before legislation is proposed to let your lawmakers know that you—constituent dog experts who are already making a positive impact on the community—are their most valuable resource.

Start by sending your elected officials letters of introduction and tell them about your club’s good works. Invite legislators to a meeting with an educational program, an event, or a dog show and be sure to follow up so that they will learn first-hand how you and your club are assets in the community.

To help with this, AKC Government Relations has posted a new sample letter template in the GR Toolbox that you can personalize and send to your local and state legislators. Other sample letters that address specific canine legislative issues are also available in the GR Toolbox.

When legislation or proposals impacting dog ownership and breeding arise, the relationships you’ve already developed with your elected officials can pave the way for success. Lawmakers will know you are their expert constituents who are informed and concerned about canine issues, and they may seek your input on how to provide positive solutions for dogs and dog owners.