Update: CA Ear Crop Bill Referred to Committee

AB418, Asm. Paul Koretz’s bill to ban ear cropping in California, has been referred to the...

AB418, Asm. Paul Koretz’s bill to ban ear cropping in California, has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Public Safety. However, no action can be taken on the bill until mid-March. AKC will continue to provide updates as we learn when AB418 is scheduled for a hearing. Read more about this negative legislation in past Legislative Alerts.

Passage of AB418 represents a first step down a slippery slope of government intervention where pet ownership is concerned. Owners—in consultation with their veterinarians—should be allowed to make informed decisions about proper care for their animals.

Concerned fanciers are strongly urged to contact their own state representatives and urge them to oppose this bill. To find out who represents you in the California legislature, click here: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html. Your voice is especially important if one of your representatives sits on either the Assembly Committee on Public Safety. Membership is listed below.

It is critical that legislators hear from their constituents, so please share this alert with your fellow dog owners. AKC will post updates as soon as they become available.

Assembly Committee on Public Safety
Asm. Mark Leno (D) [Chair]
Phone:916/319-2013, FAX:916/319-2113
Email: assemblymember.leno@assembly.ca.gov

Asm. Jay La Suer (R) [Vice Chair]
Phone:916/319-2077, FAX:916/319-2177
Email: assemblymember.laSuer@assembly.ca.gov

Asm. Rebecca Cohn (D)
Phone:116/319-2024, FAX:916/319-2124
Email: assemblymember.cohn@assembly.ca.gov

Asm. Mervyn Dymally (D)
Phone:916/319-2052, FAX:916/319-2152
Email: assemblymember.dymally@assembly.ca.gov

Asm. Jackie Goldberg (D)
Phone:916/319-2045, FAX:916/319-2145
Email: assemblymember.goldberg@assembly.ca.gov

Asm. Ira Ruskin (D)
Phone:916/319-2021, FAX:916/319-2121
Email: Assemblymember.Ruskin@assembly.ca.gov

Asm. Tod Spitzer (R)
Phone:916/319-2071, FAX:916/319-2171
Email: assemblymember.spitzer@assembly.ca.gov