Government Relations

Dog lovers all over the US have reason to celebrate news from the NAIA, which reported recently that the number of dogs entering US shelters has dropped significantly over the past few decades to new lows. Digging deeper into the matter, NAIA also learned that only about three percent of dogs in our country’s shelters are purebreds.

A committee of Stamford, Connecticut’s Board of Representatives is currently considering changes to Chapter 111 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, which currently deals with “Dogs and Other Animals”. The changes include use of the term “guardian” to describe the relationship between dogs and their owners and requires breeders to acquire breeder permits. The American Kennel Club opposes portions of the ordinance as currently written, and encourages all dog owners in Stamford to contact the members of the Legislative and Rules Committee to express their concerns with the proposal.

The North Carolina General Assembly is currently developing a state budget for the coming fiscal year. A provision in the Senate version passed on June 18 would require that the general sales tax rate (currently 4.75%) be applied to gross receipts for a variety of services including grooming, boarding, training, veterinary services, or “providing other care for an animal.”

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