Government Relations

AKC Government Relations has just learned that the Colton City Council will consider an ordinance (p. 315-353) to require the sterilization of all dogs and cats within the city limits with only vague, limited exemptions and establish a limit of ten (10) dogs per single family dwelling unit. It is vital that responsible dog owners and breeders contact their elected officials in opposition to this measure or attend this meeting and oppose this burdensome ordinance

An Illinois committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Tuesday, April 19, that would make several changes to the laws regarding those charged with cruelty and whose animals are seized. Those who reside or participate in dog events in Illinois are encouraged to contact the House Executive Committee prior to the hearing on April 19 at 9:00 am to express concerns with House Bill 4443.

Connecticut Senate Bill 228, which seeks to allow non-economic damages in cases involving injury to a pet, and House Bill 5344, which seeks to create court-appointed animal advocates in court cases involving pets, are currently pending in the Connecticut General Assembly. The American Kennel Club (AKC) believes that far-reaching unintended consequences of allowing non-economic damages and creating such advocates will ultimately lead to a diminution of property rights in animals. All concerned Connecticut breeders and owners are urged to contact their legislators and respectfully urge them to oppose these bills.

The Missouri House is expected to vote any day on a bill that would prohibit municipalities from enacting breed-specific policies. It would also void any current local breed-specific policies or regulations in the state. All who reside or participate in dog events in Missouri are encouraged to contact the Missouri House of Representatives TODAY and ask them to support responsible dog owners by voting “yes” on House Bill 1811.

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