Government Relations

The Missouri House Emerging Issues Committee will consider a bill on Monday, February 8, that seeks to protect the rights of responsible dog owners in Missouri by prohibiting municipalities from enacting breed-specific policies. It would also void any current local breed-specific policies or regulations in the state. The AKC supports Senate Bill 1811, which protects the rights of dog owners while still allowing communities to enact laws that hold all owners accountable.

The New York Assembly Agriculture Committee is considering a bill on Tuesday, February 9, that would clarify current law regarding minimum standards for dogs kept in outdoor shelters. Assembly Bill 7033 contains reasonable clarifications to these requirements that would protect dogs kept outdoors and ensure they are kept in humane conditions and protected from the elements.

Tennessee committees will vote on Monday and Tuesday on two bills of grave concern to dog owners. Senate Bill 2175 and House Bill 2303 would require regulation, inspection, and potentially high registration fees for dog breeders. Exemptions in the bill for exhibitors, hunters, and fanciers are essentially meaningless. These bills would also authorize warrantless searches of dog owners’ properties.

Utah House Bill 132 will define a commercial breeder as “a person who for a fee or other consideration; maintains in a kennel at any time six or more dogs for breeding or six or more cats for breeding and sells, leases, trades, barters, auctions, or provides to another person the offspring of those dogs or cats or; buys, sells, leases, trades or provides to another person a dog or cat wholesale for resale to another.”

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