Government Relations

Rhode Island House Bill 5800 would reinstate localities’ breed-specific ordinances that were enacted prior to the state’s 2013 ban on such local law; while House Bill 5573 would do away with exemptions from the state’s restrictions on tethering for hunters, field trial participants, persons raising or training hunting dogs, and sled dog owners.

The AKC has learned that a hearing and possible vote has been scheduled for today on a rewritten version of House Bill 159, which would seek to regulate certain dog owners as commercial breeders regardless of actual sales/commercial activity and require law enforcement to first determine the reason dogs are kept before enforcing basic standards of care.

The Pennsylvania Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Wednesday (April 13) that would make several changes to the commonwealth’s consumer protection laws. The AKC believes that many of the changes in the bill as introduced are positive and would protect the rights of the seller and provide appropriate recourse for purchasers if there is a significant health issue with their new puppy.

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