2008 VCD Title Holders


Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1)

6/8/2008. CT Cabin Creek's Spring Promise VCD1 RN, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Steve Ripley & Janet Ripley of Westfield, IN.

6/15/2008. Gaylan's Gracie's Fancy Free VCD1 RAE OAJ OF, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Susan Palius of Belle Mead, NJ.

6/21/2008. CH Elwha Jd Jye VCD1 RE ME, Border Terrier.
Owned by: Jean Rassbach of Seattle, WA.

6/21/2008. Gesa Vom Eichenluft VCD1 CDX, German Shepherd Dog.
Owned by: Gabrielle Golec of Laurel, MD.

6/22/2008. Fyrefligh VCD1 RE, Border Collie.
Owned by: Ann H. Hillebrand of Advance, NC.

6/27/2008. Geordon Seaspell Say Hey Kid VCD1 RE JC AX AXJ, Whippet.
Owned by: Linda Kaufman & Mason Kaufman of Syracuse, NY.

6/27/2008. Puco Von Burkhardt Haus VCD1 OAP OJP NFP, German Shepherd Dog.
Owned by: Bruno W Reich & Diana C Reich of Dayton, MD.

6/28/2008. CH Saga's Talented Miss Ripley VCD1 RA TDX JH, Welsh Springer Spaniel.
Owned by: Lisa Sinke of Battle Creek, MI.

6/29/2008. CH Paisleys Rockin' Robyn VCD1 UD RE OA, Dalmatian.
Owned by: Ronald Cookson & Catherine Cookson of Livingston, TX.

6/29/2008. Muddy Paws Que Cera Cera VCD1 RN JH OAJ NF, English Springer Spaniel.
Owned by: Mindy Mymudes & Keith Heidmann of Milwaukee, WI.

Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2)

6/1/2008. MACH Dune's Delightfull Doll VCD2 RAE, Cocker Spaniel.
Owned by: Nicole Gorham & Trace Gorham of Bowling Green, KY.

6/1/2008. CH I Spy Just A Rabble Rouser W VCD2 RAE MXP MJP, Wirehaired Dachshund.
Owned by: Pat Holladay of Murfreesboro, TN.

6/7/2008. Winterset Headliner VCD2 MX MXJ, Labrador Retriever.
Owned by: Suzy Pare of Cleveland, OH.

6/7/2008. Fairwyn Sanlynn Suncatcher VCD2 RN MX MXJ, Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Owned by: Ann Wallace of Thomasville, NC.

6/8/2008. Ardreem's Oberon Phantasm VCD2 RE TDX JH, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Gretchen Chapman Stephenson & Stewart Stephenson of Fayetteville, NC.

6/14/2008. MACH Incyta Over Th'limit At Chiron VCD2 RN TDX OF, Belgian Tervuren.
Owned by: Jutta Hammermueller of Kitchener, ONT.

6/14/2008. OTCH Nimrods Zazu Is Hakuna Matata VCD2 UDX4 RE TDX PT, Border Collie.
Owned by: Gayle Echevarria of Greenville, VA.

6/22/2008. Pewterrun's Paper Moon VCD2 RE TDX, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Ruth A Vaughan, Mark G Erdle & Sharon Manning of Springwater, NY.

6/22/2008. Crocketts Sazy Independence VCD2 RE NAP NF, Beagle.
Owned by: Charles Crockett & B.G. Crockett of Honolulu, HI.

6/26/2008. Wisla Of Turkey Hill VCD2 , German Shepherd Dog.
Owned by: Grazyna Gross of Ithaca, NY.

6/28/2008. Regen's Bismarck Lemans Streak VCD2 RA TDX AXJ, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Wanda Gunter of Portland, TN.

6/29/2008. MACH Morningstar Candy Apple Red VCD2 XF, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Cindy Mildbrand & Mike Mildbrand of Soldotna, AK.