2008 VCD Title Holders


Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1)

2/3/2008. CH Silverhoney's She's The One VCD1 RE OA AXJ, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Suzanne Honeyman Jay Silverman of Sandy Spring, MD.

2/9/2008. HLLCRSTPNBND Harry Potter VCD1 TDX SH AX AXJ, English Springer Spaniel.
Owned by: Thomas C. Ford of Brighton, MI.

2/10/2008. Vangard James Bean VCD1 RA TDX, Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Owned by: Jill Jones of Brownsville, OR.

2/10/2008. Kelross Black Enchanter VCD1 RAE AX AXJ, Shetland Sheepdog.
Owned by: Bonnie Edwards Barbara Norton of San Jose, CA.

2/10/2008. Orangecrest Just Thomas VCD1 RE OA AXJ, Poodle.
Owned by: Rita Wolkiewicz of San Diego, CA.

2/10/2008. CH Summerfield's Ringside Gossip VCD1 RE HSAs AX AXJ AXP AJP NF, Rottweiler.
Owned by: Paula A. Cingota of Jamul, CA.

2/10/2008. Desertsuns Bring It On Home VCD1 CDX NA OAP, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Karen Linda Sanders, William R. Sanders & Barbara Sevier of Ramona, CA.

2/16/2008. CH Kaibab's Bright Angel VCD1 RN NA, Bernese Mountain Dog.
Owned by: Mary Ann Bowman Kim Bowman of Salt Lake City, UT.

2/17/2008. Absolut Commemoration VCD1 RN, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Jo Reed Lori Waltonen of Marshfield, WI.

2/23/2008. CH Prairie's Colbalt Blue VCD1 JH, Vizsla.
Owned by: Gregory J. Sjullie Julie L. Sjullie of Glen Ellyn, IL.

2/24/2008. Regen's Bismarck Lemans Streak VCD1 RA TDX OA, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Wanda Gunter of Portland, TN.

2/24/2008. MACH2 Carpe Diem Aristotle VCD1 RA, Maltese.
Owned by: Jenny Cuccinello of Carmichael, CA.

Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2)

2/16/2008. CH Nani's On Time Performance VCD2 RE JH NA NAJ, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Ineke Gronholm of Zionsville, IN.

2/16/2008. Spotlgt's Sexy Sadie O'lvrpool VCD2 RN AXJ, Dalmatian.
Owned by: Harriet Tate William Tate of Woodstock, GA.

2/16/2008. CH Uproar Des Rocs Du Plessis VCD2 RAE AXJ AXP MJP NFP, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.
Owned by: Megan Esherick, David Esherick & Barbara Oxholm, Gary Oxholm of Leesport, PA.

2/17/2008. Dreamstar Femme Fatale VCD2 RN TDX AX AXJ, Portuguese Water Dog.
Owned by: Barbara Niemann Donald Niemann of Saint Helena, CA.

2/24/2008. MACH2 Carpe Diem Aristotle VCD2 RA, Maltese.
Owned by: Jenny Cuccinello of Carmichael, CA.

Versatile Companion Dog 3 (VCD3)

2/10/2008. CH Bandolero De La Santa Rita VCD3 RE MXJ, Belgian Tervuren.
Owned by: Jennifer Flemming of El Paso, TX.

2/17/2008. CH OTCH MACH Sandstorm Skirt Alert VCD3 UDX2 RE, Poodle.
Owned by: Joann Neal of Lubbock, TX.