2007 VCD Title Holders


Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1)

9/1/2007. Darlings Montana Maude VCD1 RE TDX, Basset Hound.
Owned by: Claire Darling of Fort Benton, MT.

9/1/2007. CH Dawn's Born N' The USA VCD1 CDX RE TDX SE, West Highland White Terrier.
Owned by: Susan P McNamara & Dawn L Martin of Bethlehem, PA.

9/1/2007. CH Sleeping Lady's Sassy Lassy VCD1 RA MXJ, Bouviers des Flandres.
Owned by: Vineta F Hesson of Wasilla, AK.

9/2/2007. Beau's Li'L Bird Dawg VCD1 CDX RN TDX, Weimaraner.
Owned by: Beth Schofield of Lousville, KY.

9/3/2007. Brighteye Star Watcher VCD1 RN NA, Bernese Moutain Dog.
Owned by: Jean Munger & Deborah Hotze of Hampshire, IL.

9/7/2007. CH Dream's Two Minute Warning VCD1 RN, English Springer Spaniel.
Owned by: Jerry McEvily, Gail McEvilly & Sandra Kucaba of Algonquin, IL.

9/16/2007. Stnehvn Outlaw Josie Wells VCD1 , Labrador Retriever.
Owned by: Judy Steiner of Hartsburg, MO.

9/16/2007. OTCH Nimrods Zazu Is Hakuna Matata VCD1 UDX3 RE TDX PT, Border Collie.
Owned by: Gayle Echevarria of Greenville, VA.

9/19/2007. Talin's Heart To Believe VCD1 RA NF, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Lynda Ruesch & Paul Ruesch of Kenai, AK.

9/22/2007. Snicker Doodle McClellan VCD1 RN MX MXJ, Beagle.
Owned by: Patricia McClellan of Acworth, GA.

9/22/2007. Dunn's Marsh Encore Performance VCD1 RA JH OA OAJ, Labrador Retriever.
Owned by: Deborah Hamele of Brooklyn, WI.

9/22/2007. Cara Easy Does It Once Again VCD1 UDX TDX OA, Doberman Pinschers.
Owned by: Bobbie Crissey of Pepperell, MA.

9/27/2007. Rockafellow Von Romans VCD1 CDX, Boxer.
Owned by: Michael Romans & Shannon Romans of Murfreesboro, TN

9/29/2007. Run spot Jump's Pearl Jam VCD1 RE OA OAJ, German Shepherd Dog.
Owned by: Diane Castle Dvm of Marietta, GA.

Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2)

9/2/2007. CH Esmonds Kaleidoscope of Quarks VCD2 UD RE NA OAJ NFP, Rottweiler.
Owned by: Lynette Nehmer & Warren Nehmer of Decatur, IL.

9/3/2007. Denzel Winning Streak VCD2 RE TDX MX MXJ NAP NJP, Papillon.
Owned by: Sandra Hill & Tracy Halverson Burdick of El Paso, TX.

9/9/2007. Goldencol Skyhi Photo Finish VCD2 TDX SH, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Joyce M Woolley & Richard Woolley of Fort Collins, CO.

9/15/2007. Barksdale Regimental Colors VCD2 UD NA NAJ, Collie (Rough).
Owned by: Judith Cummings & Alan Cummings of Los Altos Hills, CA.

9/15/2007. CH Benchmark Tak's Th' First Shot VCD2 JH OA NAJ AXP AJP, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Trudy A Davis, Warren B Davis & Deborah Kahla-Kvamme of Kasilof, AK.

9/21/2007. Corbens Asuwish M'Lady VCD2, Rottweiler.
Owned by: Donna Cordoba of Grayslake, IL.

9/22/2007. Casar Aus Dem Traumblick VCD2 RE OF, German Shepherd Dog.
Owned by: Daniel Weiss & Dolores Weiss of Newnan, GA.

9/23/2007. Trinity Hill's Good Time Charlie VCD2 UDX RE TDX SH, Golden Retriever.
Owned by: Dale Worthington of Redmond, WA.

9/29/2007. Becca My Delightful Destiny VCD2 RE AX MXJ OF, German Sheperd Dog.
Owned by: Nancy Wyant of Bredenton, FL.

Versatile Companion Dog 3 (VCD3)

9/8/2007. CT Orry Vom Kriegerhaus VCD3, German Sheperd Dog.
Owned by: Phyllis W Dobbs of Marysville, CA.