2006 VCD Title Holders


Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1)

8/4/2006.  CH Thrill Zeker V Herrenhausen VCD1 RA JH, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. 
Owned by: Polly Divens & Matt Divens of Fairbanks, AK.

8/11/2006.   Orry Vom Kriegerhaus VCD1 UD TDX, German Shepherd Dog. 
Owned by: Phyllis W Dobbs  of Marysville, CA.

8/19/2006.   Heather Von Wiesbaden VCD1 , German Shepherd Dog. 
Owned by: Deborah Golden  of Winston Salem, NC.

8/26/2006.   Becca My Delightful Destiny VCD1 RN AX OAJ, German Shepherd Dog. 
Owned by: Nancy Wyant  of Bradenton, FL.

8/27/2006.   Double Dancer O'Ebon Will VCD1 RN, Belgian Sheepdog. 
Owned by: Judith A Shapiro  of Fairbanks, AK.

Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2)

8/4/2006.  CH Irish Mist Fistful O Dollars VCD2 RE AX AXJ, Irish Water Spaniel. 
Owned by: Cynthia Rathbun & Evelyn M Van Uden of Hamburg, NY.

8/5/2006.  CH Brighteye Shooting Star VCD2 RA TDX NAP, Bernese Mountain Dog. 
Owned by: Denise McClure & Deborah Hotze of Brentwood, TN.

8/6/2006.  CH Springwind's Midnight Son VCD2 AX AXJ, Labrador Retriever. 
Owned by: Sheri Walsh  of Fairbanks, AK.

8/19/2006.   Regen's State Of The Art VCD2 UDX RE TDX MH, Weimaraner. 
Owned by: Shirley Nilsson & Judith Voris of New Westminster, BC.

8/20/2006.   Paisley Hearts A Fire VCD2 RN, Dalmatian. 
Owned by: Elizabeth Simendinger  of Gibsonia, PA.

8/26/2006.  CH Pennrico Sea A Star VCD2 RN, Portuguese Water Dog. 
Owned by: Ruth T Garcia  of Baltimore, MD.

8/27/2006.   Wildfire Right On Q VCD2 PT, Border Collie. 
Owned by: Dick Wessels & Dawn Wessels of Scandia, MN.

Versatile Companion Dog 3 (VCD3)

8/6/2006.  CT Imzadies Anakin The Skys The Limit VCD3 RE, Rottweiler. 
Owned by: Marilyn Blenz  of Hinckley, IL.