2006 VCD Title Holders


Versatile Companion Dog 1

7/1/2006.   Dreamstar Carly Of Delcardo VCD1 RN, Portuguese Water Dog. 
Owned by: Denise Gilbert  of Portola Valley, CA.

7/1/2006.   Driftwoods Cool Hand Luke VCD1 OAJ, Golden Retriever. 
Owned by: Daniel Alter  of Downers Grove, IL.

7/8/2006.  CH Kapewood's Caught Kissin' VCD1 MH, Cocker Spaniel. 
Owned by: Carolee Douglas  of Albuquerque, NM.

7/8/2006.   Ardreem's Oberon Phantasm VCD1 RE JH, Weimaraner. 
Owned by: Gretchen Chapman Stephenson & Stewart Stephenson of Fayetteville, NC.

7/9/2006.   Comebye Hungarian Rhapsody VCD1 RA OA, Border Collie. 
Owned by: Ute Wrotnowski  of Atlanta, GA.

7/14/2006.   Reverie's American Dream VCD1 RN, English Springer Spaniel. 
Owned by: Thomas S Griffith & Sandra Kucaba of Coraville, IA.

7/16/2006.   Montwood Arista Smart N Sassy VCD1 OA AXJ, Doberman Pinscher. 
Owned by: Jan Plagenz  of Menomonee Falls, WI.

7/22/2006.   Hytree Maximum Strike VCD1 RE OA, Golden Retriever. 
Owned by: Ms. Karen Phillips  of Fairview Park, OH.

7/23/2006.   Emberain In A Hurry VCD1 RA OA AXJ, Golden Retriever. 
Owned by: Kris Rainey  of Carson City, NV.

7/31/2006.  CH Carousel's Silver Dollar VCD1 , Belgian Malinois. 
Owned by: Kathleen Reyna & Alan P Reyna & Kathleen Reyna of Grants Pass, OR.

Versatile Companion Dog 2

7/2/2006.  CH Makeit Tangible Dreams VCD2 UD TDX, Belgian Tervuren. 
Owned by: Kimberly Cassida & Joseph J Paling of Beaver, WV.

7/2/2006.   Skittles Taste The Rainbow VCD2 RN, Shetland Sheepdog. 
Owned by: Marilyn Vaughan Johnson  of Belvidere, IL.

7/2/2006.   Trajan's High Risk V Ciern VCD2 RE TDX, Rottweiler. 
Owned by: Tracy J McMahon  of Streamwood, IL.

7/9/2006.  CH Springwind's Spinner Of Dreams VCD2 RN, Labrador Retriever. 
Owned by: Sheri Walsh & Victoria O Lord of Fairbanks, AK.

7/22/2006.  CH Bandolero De La Santa Rita VCD2 RE TDX AX AXJ, Belgian Tervuren. 
Owned by: Jennifer Flemming  of El Paso, TX.

7/22/2006.  CH OTCH Mirasol's Redecorator VCD2 UDX2 JH, Golden Retriever. 
Owned by: Alison Desmarais & Ray Desmarais of Barrington, NH.

7/23/2006.   Sandstorm Pardon My Dust VCD2 TDX AXJ, Poodle. 
Owned by: Norma J Rust  of El Paso, TX.

7/29/2006.  CH Flyway Bella Notte VCD2 RE TDX JH AX AXJ, Flat-Coated Retriever. 
Owned by: Karen Bloom  of Madison, WI.

Versatile Companion Dog 3

7/16/2006.   Rommel Of Gesunde Hunde VCD3 RE AXP AJP, German Shepherd Dog. 
Owned by: Gabrielle Golec  of Laurel, MD.