VCD Title Holders


The first Versatile Companion Champion (VCCH) title!

Earned on February 15th, 2009

Jakki - Agility

photo: Sirius Photography (Steve Bull)

Jakki - Obedience

photo: Sirius Photography (Steve Bull)

Jakki - Tracking

photo: Ed Presnall

This story/bio of Jakki was written by owner/handler Andrea Kyllarova

Jakki was born August 19, 2000, and I got him when he was 8 weeks old to be a pet. He was easily motivated to please me and this encouraged my interest in learning more about dog training. Our first AKC event was an agility trial in February, 2003. We were far from ready, but Jakki did have his first qualifying score in Novice Jumpers w/ Weaves, and our first blue ribbon.

Jakki's first title was Tracking Dog (TD) which he passed on his first attempt on April 6, 2003. In October of that year Jakki completed his CD title in four shows with two first places. Having already earned his TD, NA and NAJ, the CD title was all he needed to earn the VCD1 title.

Jakki completed his CDX in three weeks with one first place and one second place in November, 2004, which made him VCD2 as he already had earned the agility open titles.

It took us three years from Novice A agility to his victory lap Master Agility Champion (MACH) run on February 26, 2006. He earned his UD title two weeks after his MACH title. All three UD legs were first placements with one of them at the Golden Retriever National Specialty in a class of more than 30 dogs. In November of 2006, he earned his TDX tracking title, and he became VCD3.

Our first time in Utility B was two weeks after finishing his UD and he won the class to earn his first 6 OTCH points. On the way to his OTCH, he earned 4 firsts in Utility, 5 firsts in Open, and 3 High Combined wins. In November, 2007, he completed the requirements for UDX and in June 21, 2008 he became an Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH).

The first and last title Jakki earned on his journey to Versatile Companion Champion (VCCH) were in Tracking. He passed the Variable Surface Tracking (VST) on February 15, 2009--six years after our first AKC event.