AKC National Tracking Invitational 2016


Saturday’s Judges’ Books & Tracking Maps 

Sunday’s Judges’ Books & Tracking Maps 

The 2016 AKC National Tracking Invitational was held September 17 & 18, 2016 at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, 2499 Clermont Rd, Clermont, KY 40110.  This year the event was hosted by the Greater Louisville Training Club and the Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club in accordance with American Kennel Club sponsorship.

The Qualifying Period for this event was from January 1, 2008 through June 30, 2016. All dogs earning the Champion Tracker (CT) title during that time period were invited to enter, with the entry limited to 12 dogs. There were 51 entries received for the event.

The judges were Connie Austin (IL), Ulysses James (IL), Luci Seeley (FL) and Ron Seeley (FL). The results and judges’ comments will appear in the left menu as soon as they are received.


A note in summary of this years’ event is below from Terry McGauley, NTI Committee Chair:

On behalf of the NTI Committee I would like to thank The American Kennel Club, for entrusting Greater Louisville Training Club and Mid Kentucky Kennel Club in hosting this years’ NTI.

To our Awesome Judges Ron and Luci Seeley that drove 14 hours straight to get here on Thursday to do a drive thru Bernheim and to Connie Austin and Ule James. They offered great stories critiquing each Dog Handler Team both Saturday and Sunday. Ule James did a wonderful job taking photos and making copies of all the Teams along with flash drives full of field shots of their track to commemorate a wonderful memory!!!

We had the pleasure to showcase the BEST-of the BEST!!! 12 Dog Handler Teams traveled from all over the country...Marge Shultz and Hattie, Diane Dittrich and Timber, Charlene Dunn and Vegas, Gina Femali and Allie, Kay Hall and Julot, Angie Jennings and Rudy, Kermit Harcos and Valentine, Mary Ann Dean and Minsk, Andrew Ansenberger and Libby, Tom Hacholski and Sydney, Dr. Laura Stadtmore and Tamu, Laura Feldt and Jetta...what joy to watch each Team work each track all the way to the final article....So inspiring!!!

Thanks to Bernheim Forest Mark Wourns, Scott Turner, and Regina Glass for their hospitality and always opening up the gates of Bernheim to Tracking without them this event would not be possible.

Our Kentucky weather-ranged from drenching rain on Saturday to Sunday with soaring high temperatures and dry cover...The dogs all weathered the conditions along with their incredible handlers. Nowhere can you find as nice a people as Dog people!

We enjoyed great food from our Master Griller Tony Ginter - bacon wrapped meatloaf, Beer Can Chicken, and Pork Loin and Dorothy Hofner's deviled eggs and baked beans and green beans was quite the talk...if you leave Kentucky hungry it is not their fault!!! To all the kitchen workers and servers..Dorothy Hofner, Marcia Mosbey, Myrna Keenan, Rose Bible, Dale Bible, Stephanie Meredith, Jana Dunn and all the 4-H girls.

Thanks to all the behind scene workers that transported Gallery, Tracklayers, Judges, Exhibitors and Handles/Dogs to where they needed to be...Drivers..Morgana Landrum, Mike Landrum, Tom Locke, and Laura Koester.

Tracklayers Cheryl Tisdale, Jane Craig, Ken Barna, Jeff Whitsitt, Mary Ginter, Diane Tharp, Cathy Greenfeild, Fran Smith, Margi Lehertz, Mitzi Young, Ann Keller, Jerilyn Wissler.

Kitchen helpers and servers...Myrna Keenan, Marcia Mosby, Rose Bible, Dale Bible, Stephanie Meredith, Jana Dunn and all the 4-H girls...We couldn't have done it without your help.

Our Fund raising folks...Dorothy Hofner, (magnets/Raffle) Mary Ginter (T-shirt sales) Cheryl Tisdale (catalog and advertisements).

Test Secretary/Chair Dorothy and Ralph Sneve. Also thanks to everyone that came to spectate and that posted photos for everyone to add to the memory of the weekend! My favorite photo was my suburban with feet hanging out of the back! If I had not seen that photo I wouldn't have known!!! Thanks Angie!!! Also a big THANKS to Anney Doucette...you now have Tracking Magnets all over the United States!  It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones!!

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