Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will my dog receive and invitation to this event?

  1. No, this is not an invitational event.
  2. All dogs that have met the eligibility requirements as indicated on the event homepage will be eligible to be entered in this event.
  3. Owners may download the premium list and entry form from the AKC website and send in the entry form, with the required fee, to the address indicated.

2) Are PAL/ILP dogs eligible?

Yes.  All breeds eligible to compete in AKC Companion Events are included.

3) Are dogs that are enrolled in the AKC Canine Partnerssm program eligible to compete?

Yes, any dog enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program that is eligible and meets the entry requirements will be eligible to enter.

4) What is the Qualifying Period?

The qualifying period is December 1, 2012 – November 30, 2013.

5) Will entries be limited?

  1. Entries will be limited. 
  2. Watch for the Premium List to see all event related information regarding entries, limits, opening/closing dates.
  3. A waiting list will be kept for all class levels.

6) If I enter more than one dog, will my dogs be separated in the running order?

Yes, we will make every effort to separate your dogs adequately.

7) For the competition how will I know which ring to start in and which ring to go to next?

You will receive, via email, a copy of the ring layout identifying the classes to be held in each ring along with your armband number prior to the event.