Rally FAQ


"How do I view my dog's awards summary?"

Go to the AKC Store: http://www.akc.org/shop/

Click on "AKC Reports" under the "Reports and Information" heading.

Once that page opens -- then click on "Points and Awards"

If you have not yet logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

After you have logged in, you will be directed to a page where you can select an individual dog to view. If you have used the Store for reports before, you may use the drop down menu for the box marked as "Dog" to find the dog for which you are searching. If the dog for which you are searching does not appear in the menu, you can search for a new one by clicking "click here to search for a new one" at the bottom of the window.

Once you have selected a dog, you may view the number of qualifying scores/points your dog has earned in an AKC event, by clicking on "View Points/Summary of the Title Progression for this dog."


"How do I verify my dog's AKC records?"

There are two ways to confirm your dog's qualifying scores and both ways can be done online at the AKC Store

Individual Events & Event Results Search: From the AKC home page click on "Events" in the menu bar at the top of the page. On the next page, click on "Event and Awards Search" under the "Information on Events" heading. From this page, select the tab named "Event Search" and complete the information in order to retrieve the event data by club name, time range and competition type as indicated. Enter as much or as little information that you know then click on "Search" to retrieve the event information/results. From this page you may view the event information overview or click on the individual club name to retrieve more details and event information.

Individual Dog Record Reports Are Available: You may also view a free title/points progression report for your dog online in the AKC Store. Or you may purchase a Dog Awards Record report that will give you the results of every AKC event where your dog has earned points or a qualifying score.

If you have not created a Store account, you can do so easily as follows. From the AKC home page click on "Store" in the menu bar. Then on the next page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Free Online Services" and follow the instructions to create an account. After you have completed this information, login to the store.

Once logged into the Store, Select A Dog to view Individual Dog Record Reports: From the AKC home page you will enter the Store, by clicking on "Store" in the menu bar. Click on "AKC Reports" under the "Reports and Information" heading. This category will take you to a page with links to several types of reports. If you are not currently logged in and you select a report to view, you will be prompted to login. After you have logged in, you will be directed to a page where you can select an individual dog to view. If you have used the Store for reports before, you may use the drop down menu for the box marked as "Dog" to find the dog for which you are searching.


"How do I check my dog's points and awards?"

When you enter the Store, you will notice a box in the middle navigation area labeled "AKC Reports." From this list, select "Points and Awards." If you have not yet logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

If you have used the store before, you may select a dog from the drop down menu box. If the dog for which you are searching does not appear in the menu, you can search for a new one by clicking "click here to search for a new one" at the bottom of the window. In the pop-up window that appears you can enter either the registration number or the breed and exact spelling of the dog's name. Click "Go." This search may bring up multiple dogs. Select the dog you want by clicking on its registration number. If you intend to use the selected dog for all reports, click "use this dog for all reports." If not, the last 10 dogs you have selected will appear in the drop down box the next time you log into the store.

Once you have selected a dog to view you have the option of viewing a Points/Summary of the Title Progression for the dog or purchasing an Awards Record for the dog. The Title Progression is free of charge and is similar to an Awards Record, only it is less detailed. The Awards Record report is an electronic report and may be purchased for $10.00 from the Store. This report will give you a report that you may view, print and/or save of your dog's entire competition history from beginning to end, for all AKC events.

To find the number of qualifying scores/points your dog has earned in an AKC event, click "View Points/Summary of the Title Progression for this dog." You can now view the point information and title progression for all types of AKC events, including Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Field Trials, Hunting Tests and all other AKC sanctioned event types.

Sometimes an event result may not have been recorded yet by AKC. To view the events not included in the actual Awards Record, click "View events not included in the Awards Record at this time." Please be sure to review this link before purchasing an Awards Record report. You may also view a sample of an Awards Record report before purchasing by clicking "View a sample Awards Record."

To order an Awards Record report, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add to Wagon." When the product is ready for purchase, you can click "Checkout" to pay for it. The report will be uploaded to your Wagon to view, print, or save to your computer files.

When you have finished using the Store, select "Logout" from the toolbar on any page in the Store.


"I have a Swedish Vallhund and was told previously that we could compete in Rally, as it is part of the obedience program. Our breed is allowed to show in obedience so I hope that this is correct as we have already been in 2 trials and are showing this weekend also in hopes of getting a title. I do have one other question about Jr Showmanship. When our breed gets moved into the Misc group can my daughter then show her dog in Jr Showmanship at that time also?"

Answer: "Your breed was approved to compete in all companion events, not only obedience. Your breed is also approved to compete in agility and tracking as well as rally.

Your daughter may also compete in Junior Showmanship once the breed is approved for the Miscellaneous class."


"Our club will be holding a rally trial along with our conformation and obedience trial.

As we get our premium together, we were wondering if it is appropriate to offer a High in Trial award, similar to the High in Trial for obedience.

If we were to do this, is there any way to figure the High in Trial? I know that the maximum score is 100 and that everyone is timed. This would help with placements within the classes, but is there a way to come up with High in Trial?"

Answer: "The AKC does not recommend awarding a High in Trial for rally.

If your club insists on offering a High in Trial award for rally it would be considered a "special award" and it would not be recorded on the dog's official AKC record.

It is your club's decision how you would calculate a High in Trial for rally. There really is no consistent way to do it because, although a perfect score is 100 in all three classes, the times would be very different for each of the courses. The HIT award would most likely come from the Novice class each and every time it was awarded because it takes less time to run a Novice course than an Advanced or Excellent course. It is strongly recommended that no High in Trial be offered. AKC would prefer not to have competition between classes in Rally."


"Recently I attended an AKC Rally seminar and I must thank your reps for the information that they provided. I do have a few questions that have come up since then. 1. The Regulations say that there is a 10-minute walk through prior to each class. Do the exhibitors have 1o minutes for walk through and additional time for briefing by the judge? Is the time allowed for walk through and briefing provided separately for the A and B classes or can they be combined? 2. On the left finish, should the dog be turning to his left or his right when finishing? 3. Does the timing start when the judge says "You may begin" or does it start when the team passes the 'start line'?"

Answer: "1. The judge will give exhibitors 10 minutes to walk-through and ask questions, briefing and walk-through are not separate. Chapter 2, Section 7 of the Rally Regulations just clarifies that exhibitors have 10 minutes to familiarize themselves with the course. In this section it also states that the judge may combine the classes accordingly. If the entry is small enough the judge may combine the A and B classes for walk-through.

2. There is no regulation for which way the dog should turn as long as the finish is to the left. The 'style' of finish is up to the exhibitor.

3. Timing for rally starts when the judge says 'Forward' not when the team passes the start line or sign."


"When a person gets a rally novice title what obedience class would they enter, Novice A or Novice B?"

Answer: "If the person and their dog have earned a rally title before ever competing in AKC obedience, they would be eligible to compete in obedience Novice A."


"My confusion is that both Advanced A and Advanced B state that it is a class for dogs who have earned an RN title. If I have a dog that has earned an RN title, but he has no other titles, and this dog is the only one I have ever titled personally then he would go in Advanced A Class, correct?"

Answer: "You are correct. The Advanced and Excellent A classes are for dogs that have never titled in obedience and have not earned the Rally Advanced title (RA). The B classes are open to any dog that has earned the pre-requisite rally title."


"I would like to know, with one leg needed to complete the Rally RN title, can I enter an event with both days as novice, then the following day move up to Advanced (should we qualify for the last leg needed)?"

Answer: "You definitely need to enter the Novice class both days and it would depend on whether the club allows move-ups or not for the second day. It is at the club's discretion to allow an exhibitor to move up to the next level class. Rally move-up forms can be downloaded from the AKC website www.akc.org, if needed."


"Please tell me what how to order information and rules for Obedience trials and Rally."

Answer: "Please send your request for regulations to orderdesk@akc.org or call (919) 233-9767. Please include your full name and address in your email request. A customer service representative would be happy to send that out to you."


"I am looking for rally signs. I have searched the AKC website to no avail."

Answer: Rally signs can be found in dog supply catalogs that sell obedience or agility equipment. You may also get the Rally Regulations which contain sample signs and descriptions of the exercises to make the rally signs yourself. Many clubs are making the signs or having them made for their club because we allow any colors to be used.

You can also do a general search on the internet for "rally obedience", there are several independent sites devoted to the sport of rally. Some of them offer PDF versions of the signs. You will need to make sure that the signs they provide are the same as the signs provided in the regulations.

If you would like to order the Rally Regulations, you can send your request to orderdesk@akc.org or call (919) 233-9767 The regulations are $10.00.


"In exercise 23, Straight Figure 8 Weave Twice, and exercise 24, Serpentine Weave Once, can you exit the exercise without crossing the center line after the last cone?"

Answer: "All cones must be used; however, when leaving the last cone, the center line of the cone does NOT have to be crossed."


"When is a pivot in an exercise a requirement?"

Answer: "When pivot is specified in the exercise sign, turning in place (a pivot) is required. These are exercises 37, 38, 43 and 44. Pivots should not be used for Left or Right Turns, exercises 5 and 6. Tight circles or pivots may be used for any other exercise requiring a turn."


"Are judge's allowed to judge an exhibitor any time and when they are ready?"

Answer: "The catalog order should be adhered to as closely as possible. If there is a conflict with one of the exhibitors, the judges should make an effort to accommodate the exhibitor. However, if it delays judging, they may miss their turn."


"What do I do if I entered the wrong rally class? I should have entered Rally Novice B and I entered the A class by mistake, can I move up to the B class?"

Answer: "If you have entered the wrong class, you may still compete, but any prize or ribbon you win will need to be returned to the club and the qualifying score will be disallowed once the results are input at AKC. Superintendents or trial secretaries are not allowed to move exhibitors from A to B classes after the closing date."


"How long can I stay in the Rally Novice A class?"

Answer: "Rally Novice A is the same as Obedience Novice A. A person may continue to show in the Rally Novice A class for 60 days after earning the RN title. They can then either show in Rally Novice B or Advanced A or B."


"I have put agility titles on the dog I would like to enter in Rally. Am I still eligible for the Rally Novice A class?"

Answer: "Yes, the Rally Novice A eligibility requirements refer to obedience titles only."


"Are judges expected to record the armband numbers and/or breeds into the judge's book?"

Answer: "No, if the armband numbers and breeds are not listed in the book when they get it, they need to give it back to the trial secretary and have the trial secretary fill in this information. Only the trial secretary has a record of what dogs entered any given class and what armbands were assigned."


"If a dog is moved up, who is responsible for recording that move-up in the judge's book, the judge or the trial secretary?"

Answer: "The trial secretary has the paperwork to verify that dogs have been moved up. The trial secretary should mark the book as "moved up" and initial the change."


"If a dog comes to my ring for judging in Rally Novice A and should be in Rally Novice B, what do I, as the judge, do?"

Answer: "The judge does not have any input regarding the entry eligibility of a dog for a class outside of breed disqualification. Once a dog is entered in the A level when it should be in the B level, it's not up to the judge to make any determination or to change or note anything in their book. The exhibitor is the one who can decide to compete or not to compete. Or, if the trial secretary made a mistake and put the dog in the wrong class, it is the trial secretary's job to record the change and to initial it in the book. The judge is there to judge the class. If dogs are in the wrong classes, AKC will deal with that when the results are received."


"If a dog comes into my ring and the armband number does not match the breed of dog in the judge's book, what should I do?"

Answer: "The trial secretary should be contacted to make the necessary corrections. If this cannot immediately be done, the judge should judge the dog, make a note of the discrepancy in the judge's book and send a follow-up memo to AKC."


"How many jumps should be used in Advanced and Excellent classes?"

Answer: "One in Advanced and two in Excellent."


"What is Rally?"

Answer: "Rally is a new dog sport that is sweeping the nation. It was created to promote a positive relationship between the dog and its owner. Animation and enthusiasm throughout the performance is encouraged. Emphasis is on fun and excitement for the dog and handler, and the spectator, by providing a more "natural" approach to the performance.

Each team is judged on the execution of a single, continuous performance of numbered exercises on a course, uninterrupted by orders from the judge. Many of the exercises are derived from "doodles" people use when training for Obedience.

Perfect heel position is not required but you must maintain a loose leash at all times. Harsh verbal or leash corrections are not tolerated."


"Can you talk to your dog during the exercises?"

Answer: "Yes! You can talk to your dog, use praise and body language throughout the performance."


"Who can do Rally?"

Answer: "Anybody! Rally was designed with the average pet dog owner in mind, as a way to introduce them into the world of dog sports and for people to just have fun with their dogs. Whether you've just completed your CGC or are looking for something else to do, or you want to hone up on your obedience skills, Rally has something to offer you and your companion."


"Will this help my dog to compete in regular Obedience?"

Answer: "Rally is a wonderful sport for dogs and handlers who experience "ring stress", or for whatever reasons, would not be successful in traditional obedience. The Novice level is all on leash, you are allowed to use multiple hand and verbal cues, and you can talk to and encourage your dog throughout the performance. This makes it a great place to work through both of your ring nerves and to have some success in the ring."


"Can beginners do Rally?"

Answer: "Absolutely! Rally makes a great entry-level class for both obedience and agility. But don't be fooled! Rally can still be a challenge. You must work closely as a team as you negotiate the course, heeling from sign to sign and performing one of the many different exercises. Some are quite complex (there are 50 different exercises to choose from)."