"The Spirit of the Sport"

**By L.E. Eubanks --- Hounds and Hunting magazine, November 1916

(In 1916 this was a magazine for Beagle and Coonhound enthusiasts) **

"The men who love their hunting dogs regard the sport as merely the medium through which to enjoy congenial fellowship in the glorious open. The capture of the game is a secondary consideration. The trailing, the race, the matching of wits against animals wiles -- these things constitute the legitimate appeal. You are breathing the keen night air, trampling the fine old woods, "living the life" under the stars of heaven. For every man this is a formative sport. It will make him better or worse, according to his reaction to it. The broadminded individual sees in this state of affairs the opportunity for character discipline. He will call in his dog with kindness after the faithful servant has made a good effort whether successful of not. The true sportsman will let no man or dog be better to him than he is to them. He will always play the game square. So practiced, the sport beings out the best in us and we soon find the same wholesome kindness and appreciation entering the rest of our lives."