First American Bloodhound Title to be Recognized by AKC -- CH Heather's Reason To Believe MTX

by Roxanne Chandler

Reason was born in Canada on August 2, 2007. His breeder, Heather Whitcomb, told me she chose Reason to be my dog because his nose was always on the ground and he was consistently the first in the litter to solve staged problems.

He earned all of his titles before 19 months of age. Three days short of his eight-month old birthday, Reason earned his MT by completing his trail in thirteen minutes. At 10 months of age and in 34 minutes, Reason earned his MTI. And on March 22, 2009, Reason attained his MTX completing the trail in 30 minutes.

Thank you to the judges who give their time and share their knowledge, the breeders that preserve the nose and the form and function of our beloved hounds, and the dedicated people who share their knowledge, love of the breed and the sport of mantrailing with others. I would like to recognize the members of the American Bloodhound Club and the American Kennel Club for their efforts in striving to see the recognition of these titles to fruition. For all the wonderful, talented bloodhounds and their handlers that have attained Mantrailing titles I am deeply honored that Reason is the first Bloodhound to be recorded as a Mantrailer Excellent.