2012 AKC National Obedience Invitational


  1. How many dogs will be invited to participate per breed?

    3 dogs per breed are invited to attend. If there are more than 30 dogs that qualify in a specific breed, then we take a percentage of the total and invite that amount.

  2. Will PAL/ILP dogs be invited?

    Yes. All breeds eligible to compete in AKC Companion Events are included.

  3. Are dogs that are enrolled in the AKC Canine PartnersSM program eligible to compete?

    Yes, any dog enrolled in the program that is eligible and meets the requirements will be invited to compete

  4. What is the Qualifying Period?

    July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

  5. How will the dogs be determined?

    Each dog must be ranked in the top 25 dogs by number of OTCH (Obedience Trail Championship) points or ranked in the top three of their respective breed by OTCH points.

  6. Can I earn an invitation any other way?

    Yes, the Obedience Regional Competitions. For more detailed information on Regional Events please visit, http://www.akc.org/events/obedience/noi/.

  7. How can I find out where my dog is ranked?

    There is a free report available online to view the dogs by breed that rank within the top of their breed during the event qualifying period. Also, there is a free report available that includes the top 25 ranked dogs among all breeds based on the total number of OTCH points.

  8. Will there be Group Exercises at the Obedience Invitational?

    Yes, the group exercises will be performed on Saturday. The order will be posted the morning of the event.

  9. If I enter more than one dog, will my dogs be separated for the Group Exercises?

    Yes, we will make every effort to separate your dogs adequately.

  10. How will I know which ring to start in and which ring to go to next?

    You will receive a copy of the ring layout and your armband number prior to the event. At the bottom of ring layout you will find the armband numbers that will start in that ring. Find your armband number that will be your starting ring. After you have completed the exercises in the first ring you will move clockwise to the next ring – to the right. For example if you start in ring 1 you will move to ring 2, if you start in ring 6 you will move to ring 1.