AKC Obedience Classic International Teams


The American Kennel Club is inviting dogs from FCI membership countries to enter the Obedience Classic. To compete in this event dogs must be of an AKC recognized breed. There will be four classes offered.

Novice - Exercises are:

Basic level obedience exercises.

Heel on Leash and Figure Eight
Stand for Examination
Heel Free
Long Sit
Long Down
Similar to FCI Class 1

Open - Exercises are:

Intermediate level obedience exercises.

Heel Free and Figure Eight
Drop on Recall
Retrieve on Flat
Retrieve over High Jump
Broad Jump
Long Sit
Long Down

Similar to FCI Class 2

Utility & Masters - Exercises are:

Advanced level obedience exercises

Signal Exercise
Scent Discrimination Article # 1
Scent Discrimination Article # 2
Directed Retrieve
Moving Stand and Examination
Directed Jumping

Advanced level obedience exercises. Dogs that have obtained the Obedience Championship or the equivalent should be entered in the Masters level.

Similar to FCI Class 3



International dogs entered at this event will be required to be measured at the event prior to exhibiting. Dogs may not jump lower than the official AKC jump height as described below.

Standard Jump Heights:

The actual height of the dog at the withers shall be rounded to the nearest multiple of 2 inches to determine the minimum jump height, with the exception of dogs eligible for the 4 inch jump height. Dogs eligible for the 4 inch jump height must be less than 7 1/2 inches at the withers. Handlers may choose to have their dogs jump more than the minimum required height.


Standard Jump Height Table

Measured height of dog at withers

Minimum height to be jumped

Less than 7 ½" 


7 ½" to 9"


Greater than 9" up to 11"


Greater than 11" up to 13"


Greater than 13" up to 15"


Greater than 15" up to 17"


Greater than 17" up to 19"


Greater than 19" up to 21"


Greater than 21" up to 23"


Greater than 23" up to 25"


Greater than 25" up to 27" 


Greater than 27" up to 29"


Greater than 29" up to 31"


Greater than 31" up to 33"


Greater than 33" up to 35"


Greater than 35" up to 37"


Greater than 37"



The AKC is excited to invite international teams to compete in this very special event. Updates will be posted regularly to the Obedience Classic page of the AKC official website, http://www.akc.org/events/obedience/classic/

The AKC will be e-mailing an invitation to all FCI membership countries to send a team of one to three dogs to this event. The invitations will be sent no later than 31 July 2014. If you have not received the email invitation, please contact AKC at OBClassic@akc.org or by telephone 001.919.816.3816 if your country would like to be represented at this prestigious competition. Entries are due by 1 October 2014.