AKC Obedience Classic Classes and Exercises

The AKC Obedience Classic competition will take place over the course of two days. In the Novice, Open and Utility Classes the handler/dog team will exhibit a total of three times during the two-day event. In the Masters Class the handler/dog team will exhibit a total of six times, three times in Open and three times in Utility, during the two-day event. Group exercises will be performed in each Novice and Open ring.

Novice Class
Heel on Leash and Figure Eight
Stand for Examination
Heel Free
Long Sit
Long Down

Utility Class
Signal Exercise
Scent Discrimination Article # 1
Scent Discrimination Article # 2
Directed Retrieve
Moving Stand and Examination
Directed Jumping

Open Class
Heel Free and Figure Eight
Drop on Recall
Retrieve on Flat
Retrieve over High Jump
Broad Jump
Long Sit
Long Down

Masters Class
Open and Utility Class orders will be posted ringside each day.