AKC Obedience Classic Classes and Exercises


The AKC Obedience Classic competition will take place over the course of two days. In the Novice, Open and Utility Classes the handler/dog team will exhibit a total of three times during the two-day event. In the Masters Class the handler/dog team will exhibit a total of six times, three times in Open and three times in Utility, during the two-day event. Group exercises will be performed in each Novice and Open ring.

 Novice Class

 Utility Class

  • Heel on Leash and Figure Eight
  • Stand for Examination
  • Heel Free
  • Recall
  • Long Sit
  • Long Down
  • Signal Exercise  
  • Scent Discrimination Article # 1  
  • Scent Discrimination Article # 2  
  • Directed Retrieve  
  • Moving Stand and Examination  
  • Directed Jumping

 Open Class 

 Masters Class


  • Heel Free and Figure Eight 
  • Drop on Recall  
  • Retrieve on Flat  
  • Retrieve over High Jump  
  • Broad Jump  
  • Long Sit  
  • Long Down


Open and Utility Class orders will be posted ringside each day.