Lure Coursing

Northcoast Coursing Club

North Coast Coursing Club of Ohio Lure Coursing Event
October 7-8, 2006 - near Ravenna, Ohio

By Robert A. (Bob) Mason, AKC senior executive field representative

Many people will remember attending conformation shows at Riddlefield, just outside of Ravenna, Ohio. Although the conformation shows are now held elsewhere, there are many field trials still held here.

This is where the North Coast Coursing Club of Ohio held a lure coursing event on Oct. 7-8-2006. The two-day trial drew 105 entries, plus an entry of 30 Junior Coursers. The weather was perfect for the dogs and exhibitors, with a high of 66 degrees and no rain.

Lunch was served in the club house each day. A practice session was held for anyone wanting to run their dogs after the Saturday trial.

Some of the more spectacular runs were from the six Scottish Deerhounds. All six of the Deerhounds were conformation champions, and four of them were Dual Champions, both conformation and field champions.

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