2008 AKC National Lure Coursing Championship

September 13-14, 2008 - Snoqualmie, Washington

Congratulations Letter

The AKC National Lure Coursing Championship was held on September 13-14-2008. It was hosted by the Cascade Coursing Club at Meadowbrook Farm in North Bend, Washington. This park is home to some 75 to 85 Elk who live in the woods in the day, but graze on this field at night.

On Saturday morning, Ray Mullen and Jessy Lucas of the Snoqualmie Indian tribe came to the event site to do a ritual blessing of the dogs and handlers. Ray Mullen is Drum Bearer and Council Member of the Snoqualmie tribe and Jessy Lucas is Canoe Family Drum Leader of the Snoqualmie tribe.

There were 108 dogs entered each day and with two fields running, we were finished with the event and had plenty of time to visit with old friends before an absolutely great Bar-B-Q. Before the meal, Ray Mullen told us about his tribe’s origin in this beautiful area and the legend of Mt. Si.

There were entries from across the United States including those from Texas, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, California, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and of course the state of Washington. The Roll Call and Inspection of the dogs every morning at 6am got things off to a brisk start with a temperature of 50 degrees. Then it got up to 72 degrees. What beautiful coursing weather!

Of the 52 Champions that were entered in the Specials Class, 35 were Dual Champions and one Triple Champion, and 3 former National Champions. We had a total of 45 conformation champions entered. This speaks very well of the show dogs doing what they were bred to do.

The Best of Breed winners at the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship were as follows:
Afghan Hound-"Rockey"- owner-Angela & Michael Barrett.
Basenji-"Jake"-owner-J.D. Behles-R.J. Walley and M.D. Smith Baroud.
Borzoi-"Charger"-owner-K.C. Thompson & Tom Glocher.
Greyhound-"Wyatt"- owner Linda Carlson & Maureen Lucas.
Ibizan Hound-"Coffee"- owner- Kathleen Kelly.
Italian Greyhound-"Nekoda"- owner- Kristen Dalton.
Irish Wolfhound- "Daria"- owner- C.A. Eastridge & R. Hoard.
Pharaoh Hound- "Menza"-owner- Emily Kerridge.
Rhodesian Ridgeback-" Bucky"- owner-Dan & Vilma O’Neill.
Saluki-"Diva"- owner-Lyndell Ackerman & S. Kinney.
Scottish Deerhound-" Lacey"- owner Denise Smail.
Whippet- " Devers"- owner-Kathleen Kelly.
Best in Event and the National Lure Coursing Champion for 2008 was the Whippet
"Devers"- FCh Wirtu’s Ms. Devers.

Click on image for caption and larger view. Photos by Bob Mason.

Click on image for larger view. Photos by Jerry & Lois Levin - Creative Indulgence.