Lure Coursing

Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Association
August 12-13, 2006

This past weekend, the Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Association held an AKC Lure Coursing event at the beautiful Fort Mott State Park in Pennsville, NJ.

This organization has enough hard working members to put on a very good lure coursing event. The entry for the two day event was 134 entered in the trial, and 16 Junior Coursers.

At noon each day, there was a one hour lunch break for all of the exhibitors to enjoy some fine pizza and watermelon. With the temperature a balmy high of 80 degrees, a fun time was had by all.

Some very fine sight hounds participated in the event and here are some photos of the dogs having their kind of fun.

Click on image for caption and larger view.

For more information on the club, please visit their website.