Lure Coursing


FSS Breeds -- Disqualifying Faults

Lure Coursing breeds with disqualifications, as listed in the AKC Breed Standards, are ineligible to enter lure coursing trials and tests. The following are the disqualifications for FSS Breeds that have been approved for lure coursing.

American Azawakh

  • Overshot or undershot bite
  • Light eyes; i.e. bird of prey eyes
  • Ribs curving in reverse at the bottom of the chest which gives the aspect of a violin case
  • Timid character, panicky or aggressive to the point of attack
  • Unilateral or bilateral cryptochidism
  • Prominent non-accidental anatomical deformation
  • Non-acquired disabling anomaly
  • All spotted crippling defects


Portuguese Podengo

  • Eyes of two different colors
  • Bent or lopped ears
  • Undershot or overshot bite
  • Brindle; black and tan; tricolor or totally white colors
  • Aggression or overly shy behavior



  • White marks on the neck, the head and at the tip of the tail


Thai Ridgeback

  • Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid
  • Viciousness or extreme shyness
  • Absence of ridge
  • Long coat
  • Albinism