Junior Recognition Program


In January 1999 AKC embarked on a journey to recognize Juniors who obtain titles on dogs in the Companion and Performance Events.  We are pleased to announce the continued growth of the program.  AKC will now be awarding points to Juniors who have competed in Junior Showmanship, Companion and Performance Events.  The Juniors number will need to be included on the entry form.   Reports on a Junior status will be available on the AKC website. 

Juniors will be recognized by sport, by breed and across events.   The new recognition program will include points for Participation, Qualifying Legs, Scores, Passes, Class Placements, High in Trial, High in Combined Score, participation in Junior Showmanship, Best in Field, Reserve Best Junior, Best Junior and Title on a Dog. 

 Performance Events will still require the use of the completed Junior Handler certification forms - Many juniors who have met the criteria to receive a certificate have not because of lost/misplaced paperwork. The AKC Juniors Department has the ability to update a dog's record to include the junior handler's number, and is happy to assist.

We strongly urge Juniors to keep records of their wins, titles, legs, etc., and to maintain their copy of the Junior Handler Certification forms for Performance Events. In the event that the original yellow form is not received by the AKC, we will accept a copy of the Junior's copy.

Title certificates for dogs are processed by the AKC's computer system. Junior Recognition certificates are processed manually and around the first of every month, and therefore, will be issued after the dog's certificate has been issued. If you come across a Junior who has not received their certificate, please have them email us at juniors@akc.org; They should provide the dog’s registration number, name and the event they participated in. We will be happy to review the Junior's record and the dog's record to determine which forms are missing. Copies of missing or late Junior Handler Certification forms can be mailed to:

Attn: Juniors
8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27617-3390
phone: (919) 233-9767
email: juniors@akc.org

Supplies of blank Junior Handler Certification forms can also be obtained from the above address or phone number.


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