Junior Showmanship Judging Application and Procedures

The Junior Showmanship application may be downloaded and saved onto your computer, allowing you to complete the forms and submit to the office via email, fax or US Postal Service. Please be advised the following forms in the kit will need to be entirely completed and submitted to the office: Junior Showmanship Application, Junior Showmanship exam and Occupational Eligibility Addendum form. Remember, all forms must be signed and dated. Credit card information should not be sent via email. Altered applications will not be accepted.

THE KIT PRICE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO $20, please call Judging Operations at 919-816-3589. Kit will include application, exam and the Junior Showmanship Regulations and Guideline booklet.

If you have any questions or problems with the forms, please call 919-816-3862 or email judgingops@akc.org.