Requesting Regular Status


The judge must complete a minimum of three assignments in each permit breed with sufficient dogs present of acceptable quality to demonstrate sufficient competence in the breed(s). Judge must request to be observed and must be observed three times by different AKC Executive Field Representatives on any combination of permit breeds. It is the judge's responsibility to arrange for observations on permit assignments, therefore please contact the Field Representative before and after each assignment. More than three assignments may be accepted.

As a result of the February 2013 Board Meeting, if a judge on permit status is not observed on permit breeds by an AKC Executive Field Representative after three assignments, the judge must do three additional assignments. However, if the required three evaluations have not been received after the six assignments, the judge, upon request, would be granted regular status in these breeds.

Effective January 1, 2009, New Breed applicants are to attend a Basic Judging Institute presented by the American Kennel Club prior to requesting regular status but not earlier than two years prior to submission of initial application.

These institutes will be used to remediate judges who have received three or more unfavorable procedural observations from at least two different AKC Executive Field Representatives and may be used as an alternative to probationary status.

Upon completion of at least three permit assignments; the judge must request regular status by writing to the Judging Operations Department. Please use the Request for Regular status form indicated below. This may be mailed, faxed or emailed. (Do not mail if submitted by fax or email.) Review your contact information carefully.

Any questions on the above may be directed to the Judging Operations Department at 919-816-3570 or email