Hunting Tests

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America Hunting Test

November 8-9, 2003

The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America�s (WSSCA) spaniel hunt tests in Jackson, Georgia on November 8 and 9, 2003, provided an opportunity for spaniel owners to come together to enjoy working with their flushing spaniels and earn legs toward hunting titles.

On this crisp autumn weekend that seemed to announce the arrival of Fall in the southeast, Judges David Atkins, Ron Haag, and Bev Haag judged eleven dogs in Junior Hunter, eight dogs in Senior Hunter, and one dog in the Master Hunter class.

The WSSCA spaniel hunt test was an excellent opportunity to see a variety of flushing spaniels at work. Dogs participating in the test included Cocker Spaniels, English Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, Sussex Spaniels, and of course, Welsh Springer Spaniels.

Exhibitors came to Georgia for the WSSCA tests from states as far away as Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Spaniel hunt tests, while one of the smaller AKC venues, are an event for which all slots are often filled immediately upon the opening date of the test.

Considering the enthusiasm and commitment of spaniel owners who drove hundreds of miles to access the WSSCA hunt tests, it is obvious that hunt tests for spaniels are very much sought after. Breed clubs for the flushing spaniels are encouraged to sponsor hunt tests in order to get beginners involved in the sport, help fanciers earn titles, and maintain the working ability of the spaniel breeds. Spaniel owners everywhere owe it to themselves and their spaniels to observe a hunt test at least once so they can watch centuries of breeding at work.

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