Hunting Tests

Snake River Springer Spaniel Club

By Bonnie Hidalgo, AKC Performance Events senior executive field representative

The Snake River Springer Spaniel Club held a Hunt Test on the weekend of September 9 & 10, 2006 at the Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area near Hill City, ID. This was the first Hunt Test the club had held in nearly three years. The event was well attended by club members who were all excited about their Spaniels, wishing everyone success. The entry was quite small, with entries on Saturday being ten. Sunday's entry total was nine. It was mentioned that Spaniels are not a common hunting dog in Idaho and that the small population of these enthusiastic canines makes it difficult to hold events in the area. It was a nice enough event; with friendly people. Hopefully future events will draw more out of state entries.

The grounds at Hill City are very nice with good grass cover; adequate for planting game yet not so much as to hinder the dogs. The water testing was held on a nearby pond, to the east of the course. The State was very helpful to the Snake River Club; the area biologist had the pond filled for the club's use. Camping was also allowed on the area which made it extremely nice for contestants and club workers alike. As it is a 44 mile one way trip to the nearest motel, camping is highly recommended! Hill City is a deceiving name, as it consists of merely two or three residences.

The setting for the Hunt Test was attractive; a wide valley surrounded by mountains made for a beautiful view. Fires burning in the mountains dulled the image somewhat; creating a haze in the air. The Hunt Test Chairman was Kevin Holcomb; the event secretary was Cheri Ruch. Judges for both days were Ron Klimes of Buhl, ID and Scott Cleveland of Boise.

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