Pointing Breed Hunting Tests

German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Central Oregon

The German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Central Oregon (GWPCCO) held it's first official AKC Hunt Test at Boyce Corral in Madras, OR the weekend of May 20 and 21, 2006. "It was a pleasure to have AKC Representative, Mike Aldrich at our first event as we had quite a few novice handlers with many questions for a man of his experience. Thanks for your patience and advice Mike in helping to make our first event such a success."

The weekend saw our usual central Oregon Spring weather, wet, cold, hot and dry! As the Oregon Brittany Club was holding their Walking Field Trial on an adjacent course, we appreciated their support with entries in our new clubs first Hunt Test. The Hunt Test entries for the weekend consisted of Wirehairs, Brittany's, Shorthairs and an English Setter with two braces of Masters, one Senior and five Juniors on Saturday and one brace of Master, one Senior and five Juniors on Sunday. All the braces on both days saw the dogs covering the terrain well and hitting the objectives nicely. The Juniors had the most success with five dogs qualifying Saturday and Sunday. One Master qualified on each day also. Patty McNary finished her Shorthair, Rita in Juniors on Saturday and Sunday, Jodie Hanesworth finished her Brittany, Francine in Juniors. The big news of the weekend was Jan Hamner finishing her Brittany, Meg in Master's.

The GWPCCO would like to thank our judges, Kate Stockwell-Brown, Gary Brown, Ray Calkins and Wayne Yamashita and our apprentice judge, Mary Hanson. They too were a great help to all our novice handlers. And last but no at all least, a big thank you to our club members for volunteering, great job! Congratulations to all those who qualified and thanks again to all those who entered and supported our first Hunt Test. What a great success it was...

The GWPCCO was formed recently to take advantage of a growing group of GWP owners in the Redmond/Bend, Oregon area. Many members of this club are veterans of the Hunt Test and Field Trial game they will be involved in. Their experience combined with the enthusiasm of newcomers will make this club a very active one in introducing the sport to more in the area. The club has a core of GWP owners but also includes many other breeds. Their first event was a complete success which they can be proud of and they are already planning changes and improvements for future events.

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