North Georgia All Breed Herding Dog Association Starts the New Year with a bang!

by Karla Deithorn, Executive Field Representative

The North Georgia All Breed Herding Dog Association (NGABHDA) held their first AKC licensed herding trials on the 1st of January, 2005. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! Trial Chair, Claire Hamilton, and Secretary, Wendy Eldredge, along with their committee, did everything they could to make the club’s debut a rousing success. Spectators and exhibitors were well treated. Judges were taken good care of. Stock was provided that was very amenable to work. The morning and afternoon trials on Sat. and the trial on Sunday produced numerous titles at the trial and test level.

There was a wide range of breeds competing including; Border Collies, Beardies, Australian Shepherds, Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Pulik, Belgian Tervuren, Australian Cattle Dogs, a Bouvier and an Old English Sheepdog.

This was the first trial I was able to observe any Pulik work and it was a treat. Scott Lewis brought his two Pulik for the test classes. On Sat. Scott’s Bowmaker T Csikos, UD, HT, NA, OAJ finished his PT title. On Sunday his Bowmaker v Pipacs, CD qualified in HT, while Csikos moved up to Started. Csikos brought a big smile to Scott’s face with a lovely run in Started Course A sheep to earn a qualifying ribbon AND a second place in his first trial! I feel lucky to have seen such nice working Pulik and hope to see more at upcoming trials.

While the Pulik were novice DOGS in the arena, owner handler, Lynda McKee made her debut with her Pembroke Welsh Corgis. If Lynda’s name seems familiar she ia a Tracking judge and regular competitor in obedience and agility. While her Ch. Triad Tifflyn Summer Games, CD, TD, PT, AX, AXJ did not qualify in Started sheep or cattle, he gave a dynamite showing on cattle. Lynda now has 3 trials under her belt, including one on cattle! I am sure we will be hearing more of her and her Corgis as SuaMah Dresden Trifflyn As Is, TD qualified in HT on Sunday.

The camaraderie and sportsmanship among exhibitors, spectators, judges and committee and club members was outstanding. Woods End Farm owned by Doyle Ivie provided the stock and exhibitors could not have asked for better sheep or cattle. Doyle Ivie and Claire Hamilton wore a variety of hats for the trials. Claire at times was a stock handler, an exhibitor and always the Chair of the trials ready to help anywhere needed. Doyle provided the stock, acted as stock handler at times, as Judge for the Sat. afternoon trial and even exhibited some dogs at the Sunday trial. They had lots of help from Wendy Eldredge who was Secretary; Leigh Carter who was Course Director; Elsa Sell who was a Steward; Tom Przewoznik who was in charge of the grounds and Gay Silva who made sure there was a lovely set of trophies for all three trials. Judges Carol Ann Bailey Tholkes, Jon Tholkes and Doyle Ivie offered lots of encouragement and praise as they handed out awards.

Dogs earning titles were:

Terv, KO Trillium Annapurna, won RHIT on Sat. morning and the HSAs title while owner handled by Claudia Dickerson.

Puli, Bowmaker T Csikos, UD, HT, NA, OAJ earned his PT title on Sat. morning with owner handler Scott Lewis.

Terv, Ch Magic’s Breez’n The South, CD, PT, NA, OAJ on Sunday earned the HSAs title while owner handled by Stephanie Tones-Jack.

Terv, Ch. Jamaica Catch Me If You Can, CD, PT, NA, NAJ on Sunday earned the

HSAs title owner handled by Leigh Carter.

Border Collie, SLN Bizzi Havin Fun earned the HSAs, first in his class and HIT on Sunday owner handled by Saron L. Neal.

Aussie, Hamilton’s Pretty Boy Floyd earned his HSAs, RHIT and HIT Aussie owner/breeder handled by Claire Hamilton.

Border Collie, Ch. Nahyrof Final Impression, HIAs, HSBs earned his HXAs and 2nd in the class owner handled by Claire Hamilton.

If I missed any new titleholders, my apologies.

There were so many nice working dogs who may not have placed but deserve recognition. The Bearded Collies, Ch. Shanaspree Pumpkin Seed, PT owner handled by Elsa Sell was a big hit on all her runs.

Bouvier, Beovorn Anadil, CDX, NA, NAJ, HXAs owner handled by Lucinda Howard showed the steady work of his breed.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Ch. Sua Mah Hail To The Chief, CD, TD, HXAs owned by Judy and Tony Hart gave some nice runs on sheep and cattle.

I wish I could list all the dogs because this was a trial where, inside and outside the arena there was an air of doing what the DOGS love best. On Sunday a local TV station came and filmed some of the dogs and handlers; interviewed club members and judge, Doyle Ivie, as well as yours truly who got a plug in for all the AKC programs.

If this 2005 New Year’s celebration is any indication of what we can expect from NGABHDA, then make your reservations now for 2006! This club is going to be hard to beat!

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