Top Ten New Years Resolutions for 2004

by Lori Herbel

A Dogs New Years Resolutions

1. Listen to my Handler More
2. Work Further Of the Stock and Smoother
3. Try to Curb my Urge to Bite Things
4. Build My Confidence
5. Have More Patience with My Handler
6. Work More Consistently
7. Cut back on Embarrassing My Handler in Public
8. Make More (Correct) Decisions on My Own
9. Stop Relying on my Sad Puppy Dog Eyes to Get Out of Trouble
10. Accept Responsibility for My Actions
A Handlers News Years Resolutions
1. Work My Dog More Often
2. Be More Fair in Communicating with My Dog
3. Build My Dogs Confidence
4. Have More Patience With My Dog and the Stock
5. Polish up on my own Livestock Reading Abilities
6. Make Less Excuses for Failures, Fix it Instead
7. Pay More Attention to Other Runs at Trials
8. Be Ready To Compete Before I Enter a Trial
9. Talk Less and Listen More
10. Accept Responsibility for My Actions
A Sheep's New Years Resolutions
1. Further my Education About Dogs (and People)
2. Conquer my Fear of Entering Obstacles
3. Don't Panic When it's My Turn
4. Remember to Move Away from the Dog
5. Trust the Handler More
6. Try to Curb my Urge to Hit Something
7. Stop Walking on Toes and Hugging Kneecaps
8. Have More Patience with the Dogs and Handlers
9. Remember that Ten Minutes Isn't too Long to Work
10. Accept Responsibility for My Actions
A Judges New Years Resolutions
1. Study the Rulebook More Often
2. Focus on Judging Consistently
3. Continue my Education (clinics, seminars, trialing, etc.)
4. Make Each Event More Educational for Spectators
5. Be Encouraging to Exhibitors
6. Qualify Those who Earn it, Not Qualify Those Who Don't
7. Further my Own Knowledge about Livestock (and dog) Behavior
8. Have more Patience with the Dogs, Handlers and Stock
9. Take Control of my Arena/Field and Run it Appropriately
10. Accept Responsibility for My Actions