Burlington County Kennel Club

The Cardigans get to Party with the Sheep
May 19-20, 2007 - Shamong, N.J.

A good number of the Cardigan Welsh Corgis who could not make it to the National Specialty in California attended the Burlington County Kennel Club's AKC Herding Test/Trial held in Shamong, N.J.. Though the forecast called for rain, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend in New Jersey, and the Cardigans and their owners/handlers had a wonderful time playing with the sheep.

There were nine Cardigan Welsh Corgis entered in the Herding Test level and one entered in the Herding Intermediate Trial level. All put out an excellent effort with seven of the nine test dogs earning their HTs and the Intermediate dog earning one leg and a fourth place toward his HIAs. Another test dog earned a leg toward her HT, and the other showed promise on the stock. It is such a joy to watch dogs doing what they were bred to do!

Thank you, BCKC, for hosting such a great event year after year! And thank you to Judges Dana Hasemeier and Rochelle Standford-Dias for all of their help and encouragement with the handlers and their dogs.

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