Idaho Herding Association Opens New Region to AKC Herding

by Carol Delsman
It is a dream come true for herding enthusiast from the southern region of Idaho. Equally excited are exhibitors from Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. In an area of the country where a drive is measured in hours not miles, the handlers who entered considered this a close event. With the exception of the occasional national specialty, there has been no club to sponsor herding trials.

Stormy weather didn't make for easy set up and conducting of events. Workers bundled up with heavy coats, rain gear and blankets around heaters to ward off the bitter wind and soaking rains in a normally semi desert area. Seating for the arenas though is situated on a bluff overlooking the Snake River and Treasure Valley. Apple orchards and farm fields gave spectators plenty to marvel over between runs.

While few in numbers, this die hard group banded together to host events for not only themselves, but for those in neighboring states. "I had no idea how much work it would be" said site owner Janie Hafsinger. With three working areas to set up, pens, livestock to procure and personnel to house, it is in fact a labor of love.

That said, with their first event behind them, this group is moving on to more trials and more sites for training and trialing. They are already planning for a fall trial in an indoor facility. As a handler from Utah put it "I know I'm not ready but I wanted to support them so there will be more events in the future." She is like many who sometimes feel it's hard to get too enthusiastic about training when there are no events available to you.

For more information about this club and it's events or maybe to join, go to their web page.