Spaniel Field Trials

A Preview of the 2010 English Springer Spaniel National Open Championship Grounds
Arrowhead English Springer Spaniel Club & Stockton English Springer Spaniel Training Club Field Trials

By Wayne Bleazard, AKC Performance Events Field Staff

The Stockton English Springer Spaniel Club held their first annual field trial on September 12/13, 2009 in conjunction with the Arrowhead English Springer Spaniel Club. The Arrowhead Club had a training day with a water test on Friday, September 11. The water test was posted to start at 3:00pm. At 2:00pm Diane Christensen started get the contestants ready to move to the test which was going to be about two miles down the road. She and her sister did a very good job of getting people headed in the right direction.

The water test was held on the grounds of the Westland Nursery. The pond that they used was quite unique in that it had two islands that could be moved. They were anchored by ropes so they would not move while the test was running. The dogs had to be back from the water at least 10 to 15 yards and make two swimming retrieves of at least 30-40 yards.

They had 16 dogs that signed up and 14 passed the test.

On Saturday the Stockton Club held their field trial on the grounds of the Hidden Valley Ranch in the coastal town of Pescadero, California. It was a very beautiful place to hold a trial, with rolling hills and the cool breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean. The ocean was only about a mile away and the drive back to the hotels was simply breathless.

Donny Mock, field trial chairman, put on a very well run and smooth trial. All of his committee worked very well together and the event ran like a well oiled machine. The rolling hills made for some tough walking but the cover and scenery made it well worth the walk. The dogs got a work out on the steep side of the hill. The roll of the hill made for some challenging retrieves for more than one dog. There was a lake just below where the trial was running which allowed dogs to cool down.

Two of the people working very hard were Joanne Mock and the head marshal Kim Breitbarth. Joanne, Donny’s wife worked as hard as he did with hauling birds, getting people out of the parking lot and all other things that needed to be done. Kim kept everyone in line and in order on the course and walked as far as anyone. Good job to the both of them.

Donny indicated that this is the property that the 2010 Open National was going to be held on. You could not think of a better place!! Good luck to Donny and his committee on tackling this big job.

Moving islands on the far side of the water test.

Diane Christensen after the water test talking to a contestant.

Contestants walking the course.

Looking at the line up the hill from the parking lot.

Pacific Ocean view driving back to Half Moon Bay.