The 2006 English Springer Spaniel National Amateur Field Trial

Spaniel Field Trials

The 2006 English Springer Spaniel National Amateur Field Trial

Hutchinson, Kansas is the location for the 44th English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association National Amateur championship. Grounds for the championship have been graciously donated by Jack Mull and Bob Peele, and consist of rolling fields with a wide variety of cover on which to contest the championship.

The Championship began Monday December 4th with temperatures in the low 20's and abundant sunshine greeting the 155 contestants. Brisk winds made for good scenting conditions on the first day of the event and at the conclusion on Monday approximately 100 of the entered dogs had completed the first series, the championship will resume on Tuesday morning at 07:30 a.m. with the remaining dogs running the first series, the second series will commencing shortly after conclusion of the first series. Another report will follow on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning arrived with cold morning temperatures greeting the remaining contestants for the first series of this year's championship. Scenting conditions were once again very good for the morning contestants, but were not as good for the later dogs. The 1st series concluded shortly after 01:00 p.m. and 118 were called back for the second series. For the second series the same course as the first series was used but ran in a reverse direction, around 40 dogs were ran and the stake was stopped for the day shortly after 05:00 p.m.

On Wednesday morning the second series resumed at 07:30 a.m. and once again was greeted with cold early morning temperatures, the stake moved along very nicely and the second series was concluded shortly after 02:00 p.m. After a move to new grounds for the 3rd series the call backs were announced with 87 dogs remaining in the championship. The course for the 3rd had been flagged in a flat whip grass field and at 04:00 p.m. the first two contestants began the series, shortly after 05:00 p.m. the series was suspended for the day and would resume on Thursday at 07:30 a.m.

Thursday morning arrived with temperatures near 18 and a very brisk, 15 to 25 M.P.H., winds, and the high for the day was only predicted to reach the low 30's. The first dogs started shortly after 07:30 a.m. Dogs and handlers appeared to produce birds much better on the out course, quartering down wind, but several seemed to have difficulty producing birds in the in course, which was a quartering up wind. It appeared it would be sometimes in the early afternoon before the third series would be completed.

First Place: Royal Windy
Owner/Handler: Lea Ames

Second Place: AFC Limesway Luke
Owner/Handler: Bill Willett

Third Place: Shimmering Mele Two
Owner: Vasilios Akkouris
Handler: George Akkouris

Fourth Place: FC Doorcreek Hailey's Dimond
Owner/Handler: Chuck Nelson

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