Retriever Club of Alaska

Retriever Field Trials

Retriever Club of Alaska Field Trial
Wasilla, Alaska - June 9-11, 2006

The American Kennel Club will be covering the Retriever Club of Alaska field trial in Wasilla, Alaska. Please check back for coverage and thanks for visiting Location
  Point MacKenzie

  Open All-Age: Jack Lyon and John Abrams
  Amateur All-Age: Jack Lyon and AJ Holborn
  Qualifying: Howard Niemi and Anita Twomey
  Derby: Jack Lyon and Jim Portch

Event Secretary
  Lynn Cole

Event Chairman
  Bill Barstow

Commitee Members
  Jay Schmidt - Co-Chairman
  Mary Oyster - Committee
  Betsy McCracken - Committee
  Mary Bixby - Committee
  Roy Redifer - Committee
  Anita Twomey - Committee
  AJ Holborn - Committee, VP FT
  Dan Oyster - Committee

For more information on the Retriever Club of Alaska, please visit their website.